The space to 
think deeply.

Aloe makes focus and collaboration a breeze, cuts through the noise to show you just what you need, and keeps the rest out of your way.

Your personal AI booster rocket. What will you use your new AI superpowers for?

It’s not you – knowledge work is getting harder. There’s more information to consider than ever before, and more distractions to keep at bay when you want to get things done.

Fire on all cylinders again, with an AI that unblocks you as you work, keeps your whole team on the same page, and helps you operate at a higher level.

Shows you just what you need – and keeps the rest out of your way.
Aloe is built to respect your attention, and preserve your capacity for deep and creative work. It follows your train of thought to proactively help you stay in the zone – or get back into it if you’ve been distracted.
Gets everyone on the same page with shared context.
Aloe helps your whole team get on the same page – by making it easy to share the context needed to dive in deeply, get productive, and deliver. Permissions and privacy are built in.
Gives you one-glance access with a personal AI-powered dashboard.
Aloe understands the information you’re interacting with – across your tabs, emails, apps, meetings, contacts, and more – and connects salient information in real time. Peek or dive in, as you need to.
Learns from you as you use it.
Aloe learns from every interaction with you, and adapts to you as you use it. It remembers your preferences for the next time – just like a human assistant – so you never have to repeat yourself. And because Aloe is private from the ground up, your data is always safe.

We can‘t wait for you to meet Aloe.

Aloe is coming soon to your favorite devices – starting with the Mac. Want access sooner?
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