The space to 
think deeply.

Aloe is a new kind of AI assistant that helps you operate at a higher level.

Aloe works alongside you, follows your train of thought, and helps you get more done.

You’re at your best when you’re fully engaged with what you’re doing. Aloe brings the right information into focus, eliminates distractions, and handles tasks on your behalf – so you can keep your eyes on the big picture.

Built to respect and conserve your attention.
Aloe helps you spend attention carefully, and preserve your capacity for deep work. It shows you what you need when you need it, and helps you stay in the zone – or get back to it if you've been distracted.
Knows how to get things done for you.
Aloe understands work. That means it can actively help out – by taking things off your plate that it knows it can handle on your behalf. And the library of things it can do is growing all the time.
Takes the noise out of collaboration.
Aloe understands the conversation, and what you're working on – so it knows when to bring something to your attention that might be relevant, and when to just leave you alone.
Learns from you and adapts as you use it.
Aloe learns from every interaction with you, and adapts to you as you use it. It remembers your preferences for the next time – just like a human assistant – so you never have to repeat yourself.

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starting with Mac and iPad.

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