Aloe is building better AI so we can be more human.

We’re reimagining what AI assistants are capable of doing for us. Join Aloe and help us create machines that think the way we do – making them better partners for deep thought and creativity.

Better tools for thought, clarity, and efficacy – and ensuring the human experience is at the center.

Foundational Beliefs

We don’t believe the future of AI tools is to automate humans out of the picture; it’s to free us to focus on the parts of work and life that fulfill us. Developing domain expertise. Problem solving. Building relationships. Creating.

We’re on a mission to reset our relationship with technology, and ensure that attention and privacy are not casualties in the process. We center our decisions on the end-user experience.


“Work” isn’t the same anymore. There is immense opportunity before us to build on recent domain-changing advances – in both semantic comprehension and generative AI – pair them with next-generation user experiences, and synthesize them into tools that will help address some of the largest challenges of our time.


We’re a nimble multidisciplinary team, looking for highly-motivated doers to join us.

We Value

Diverse backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences.
Embracing diversity is a core part of who we are.

We Value

Intellectual rigor and a hunger for learning.
When doing things that haven’t been done before, we’ll rarely know the right answer a priori. Learning > specific skills.

We Value

Egoless collaboration, powered by self-reflection and empathy.
Ego interferes with curiosity, participation, kindness, and self-knowledge. We don’t have room for it.

Does this sound like your jam, too? Get in touch and let’s have a conversation:

Roles and Domains of responsibility

Full-stack software engineering
Help lead, integrate, and deliver next-generation functionality to eager users ready to put it to use.
User experience design
Transform advanced tech into indispensable experiences, through interfaces users love.
Machine learning research
Help advance the cutting edge, and break it out of the laboratory – with novel IP for regular people to use.

We are a team of polyglots. Have something to contribute outside the above domains? Reach out to us anyway.